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Whitehawk Construction specializes in the removal and reinstallation of existing historical woodwork. By carefully inspecting the existing conditions and locations of each piece to be removed, Whitehawk will surgically remove all paneling, doors, frames and accessories to be stored in a climate controlled facility to be reinstalled at a later date. During this process a catalog of all photos along with architectural drawings will be created with a unique labeling system to replicate the exact condition and location of every piece of wood. All existing damage will be shown and be able to be corrected using the same materials used to build the structure in the beginning. Once the panels are removed the labeling system will be affixed to the un exposed side and stored appropriately in accordance with project specifications. Panels are carefully wrapped and shipped to prevent any damage to a climate controlled facility. From here all restoration or refurbishment takes place in a timely manner to prepare for reinstallation of the product. All trims, moldings and details that require reproduction take place using the original material to match as closely as the eye can tell.

Whether it's a simple removal to preserve the original finish or a complete restoration, your project will be looking better than ever upon reinstallation of your historical woodwork.

  • Smith College - Northampton, MA

  • UConn Downtown – Hartford, CT

  • Aetna Executive Suite, Hartford, CT

  • Yale Center Of British Arts Phase 2 (circa 1974) - New Haven, CT

  • Yale Art Gallery(circa 1927) - New Haven, CT

  • Yale Sterling Memorial Library (circa 1927) - New Haven, CT

  • Yale Center Of British Arts (circa 1974) - New Haven, CT

  • Harvard- Dunster House Dorms (circa 1930) - Cambridge, MA

  • Yale Repertory Theater (circa 1846) - New Haven, CT

  • The Whitehouse (Battell - Stoeckel House circa 1799) – Norfolk, CT

  • Harvard Art Museum (circa 1925) - Cambridge, Mass

  • Yale - Art Gallery (circa 1927) - New Haven, CT

  • Yale - Morse & Stiles Colleges – New Haven, CT

  • Horace Dutton Taft Dining Hall-Taft School- Watertown, CT

  • Yale - Calhoun College (circa 1933) - New Haven, CT

  • Yale - Stoeckel Hall (circa1897)-New Haven, CT

  • Yale - Jonathan Edwards College_-New Haven, CT

  • Yale - Silliman College (circa 1906) - New Haven, CT

  • Yale - Anthropology (circa 1836) - New Haven, CT

  • Aetna Life & Casualty Co., Phase II (circa 1931) -Hartford, CT

  • Yale - Pierson College (circa 1933)-New Haven, CT

  • Yale - Vanderbilt College (circa 1894)-New Haven, CT

  • Waterbury Palace Theater (circa 1920)-Waterbury, CT

  • Yale - Divinity School (1931)-New Haven, CT

  • Yale - Branford-Saybrook- Phase II (circa -New Haven, CT

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