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Historic Restorations

Whitehawk Construction excels in the historic restoration and reinstallation of woodwork. Our meticulous approach begins with thoroughly inspecting the existing conditions and locations of each piece to be refinished. With precision, our team carefully removes paneling, exterior trims, doors, windows, frames, and accessories, preserving their integrity for future use. These items are then stored in our climate-controlled facility, accompanied by a comprehensive catalog with architectural drawings and detailed photographs. Through our detailed labeling system, we capture the exact condition and location of every piece of wood, including any existing damage that needs correction


Utilizing materials consistent with the original construction, we restore and refurbish the panels in a timely manner. Finally, upon reinstallation, all trims, moldings, and details are reproduced using the original material to provide an impeccable match. Whether it's a preservation effort or a complete restoration, your historical woodwork will be rejuvenated, bringing a renewed beauty to your project. Trust Whitehawk Construction for a meticulous and stunning restoration of your cherished woodwork.. 

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